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A certified running coach and personal trainer with experience working with runners of ALL abilities and paces since 2018, I am also a lifelong runner and equestrian originally from Kansas - who grew up show-jumping and barrel racing a horse named Flash. I am a working professional, a mom with a house full of four kids and several pets, a partner to a husband who did not grow up running but supports my crazy endeavors, and an advocate for anyone wanting to make healthy lifestyle choices. My approach to making sustainable changes involves challenging you in a way that works with your schedule and needs. Fitness isn't just about burning calories or building muscle; it's about gaining confidence and finding what makes you tick!

People often ask WHY I started coaching, WHY I invested so much of myself - my time, my money, my energy - into launching this "second career". There are many reasons why I love running, why healthy living is important to me, but it took losing my mother to an aggressive form of dementia in 2017 to kick-start this crazy, rewarding journey. 

Interested in learning more about Lewy Body Dementia and how it has shaped my life? Read on...


Arlington, VA

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