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Workouts: Challenges & Resources

Check here regularly for weekly workout challenges, additional tips, and relevant resources!

Weekly Workout Challenges!

Every week, Coach Kate will list a new workout challenge. Push yourself to complete the challenge all 7 days, every other day, or as often as you can. Modify exercises if needed, but push your boundaries to see results. Remember, any step forward is better than standing in place!

Walk Challenge

Take advantage of the longer days by adding a walk to your after-dinner routine. Even 15-20 minutes will move digestion along, and some extra fresh air and sunlight will do you good. Take the entire family along and use that time for some extra catching up.

Pro Tip: Missed your workout that day? Walk with light hand weights and/or add in a few short bursts of jogging to maximize your evening walk.

Walk in the Park

Ladder Challenge

Once each week for the month of April, head to your local track and, after a decent warm-up, run a ladder: 200m-400m-800m-1600m-2000m-1600m-800m-400m-200m. Walk or jog 1-2 laps between each repeat.

Pro Tip: Don't go out too hard. It can be tempting to go all out when starting a speed workout, but you need to pace yourself so you have enough energy to push through the longer - and harder - sections!

Running Track

Office Challenge

Every day this month, set a timer to get up and walk around your entire office - or, if teleworking, around the outside of your house - 5x/day. 

Pro Tip: Use Casual Friday's for a walk around the block or to the coffee shop.

Digital Chronometer

Stairs Challenge

Daily: find a staircase - in your home, at your office, at a park or track, and jog up/walk down for 10 minutes. Short 20-30 breaks are ok, but keep pushing yourself!

Pro Tip: When doing workouts heavy on stairs or hills, make use of your arms and pump them straight forward and back (not across your body). Drive your knees high, and keep your head up and looking in front, not down!


Progression Challenge

Daily: complete all of the following exercises either in one session or spread repeats throughout the day!

  • 100 jumping jacks

  • 75 squats

  • 50 bicycle crunches

  • 25 push-ups

  • 10 burpees


Pro Tip: Set up your workout space the night before a session: an organized, ready space will help eliminate mental barriers and motivate you to dive right in each day!

Fitness Equipment

Walking Challenge

Commit to walking for 30 minutes every day this week. Pick a new neighborhood or route each day, and bring along the whole family. 


Pro Tip: if you struggle with motivation to get out the door, make it a destination or errand walk. Walk to the local coffee shop, or walk to pick up a few groceries, or walk to the library to return those books.

Walk in Nature

Planks Challenge

Incorporate 5 minutes of planks into you day - every day this week! Forearm plank, push-up (high) plank, side (T) plank...all planks are good. Break the 5 minutes into manageable chunks throughout the day or blast it all out at once. You'll see results by the end of the week!

Pro Tip: Keep your butt tucked in so your back/butt/legs are in a straight line. Keep your eyes trained on the floor in front of you to avoid hanging your head and hurting your neck.

High Plank

Squats Challenge

100 squats/day challenge! Split it up 10x10x10, etc. Or do 25 squats, 4 times each day. But concentrate on keeping your chest up, your core tight, and sit back into your hips. 


Pro Tip: There are many variations of the basic squat, but for an extra challenge, add a resistance band around your thighs, deepen your squat, hold your squat position for 30 seconds at a time, and/or try a single-leg squat! 

Squatting with Band
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